Dalyan Story

Welcome to Dalyan, a UNESCO world heritage protected area due to its outstanding beauty and natural resources.

Turkey is home to infinite locations that are beyond your wildest dream! Full of ancient sites, unique beauty and unparalleled destinations with the UNESCO World Heritage village of Dalyan being the Jewel in the crown .

Home to the golden Iztuzu beach and its protected green delta, Dalyan is a small pretty town on the southwest coast of Turkey. It is where the Turquiose Coast meets the Mediterranean offering you an endless variety of opportunities to discover and enjoy.

Dalyan is voted number one in Europe winning the Sunday Times Best European Open Space Award and Trip Adviser Best European Beach with its long sandy Iztuzu beach, The 5 km crescent shaped golden sandy beach stretches from the base of a Pine clad mountain to a river Delta with not a single house shop or hotel in site and is the most important breeding ground of turtles including it’s symbol Loggerhead Carretta Carrettas. The filming of "African Queen" was also instrumental in Dalyan being granted UNESCO world heritage status.

During the day tourists stroll in the Sun to the sound of gentle waves but at night apparel comes down and the beach is claimed back by nature in particular hundreds of loggerhead turtles one of the oldest surviving species in the world.

The current facilities at either end of the beach are sympathetically designed to minimise environmental impact the cafés, cabins, sun-beds, snack bars and boardwalks are made of wood and the waste water from the tourists is removed daily. The greenest way to reach the beach is by bike and it’s an exhilarating climb through the mountain road with panoramic views of the beach and lakes from a number of roadside pancake restaurants.

Nature mingles with history at every step, bearing the heritage of six civilisations dating back to the first settlements of 6500 B.C. It has a unique tranquil atmosphere, rich green nature, giant Loggerhead Caretta Carettas, over 200 species of birds along with other varieties of wildlife, mineral rich mud baths, thermal water springs and the ancient Lycian city of Caunos with its rock tombs overlooking the village amoung many other wonders to name. Dalyan offers you an amazing and economical holiday on it’s unspoilt paradise within an easy reach.

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